Summer '19 Internship

My internship at GoDaddy was with the Productivity team which is responsible for helping small business move to professional email, domain and Office 365 products. The project was challenging and rewarding deep dive into design that affects millions of people worldwide. During my internship at GoDaddy I worked on 2 separate projects with the team.

1. FOS Email Purchase Paths 🚶

Productivity team deals with tons of products that help small business have an online presence. These products include -- professional emails, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Office 365, email security, email backup, email archiving, email migration, etc.

Even though GoDaddy offers variety of products to support small businesses, the users find it difficult to utilize them or are unaware of them. This project dives exclusives into understanding user's journey through these products. Research methods such as persona, literature review, usability testing, qualitative research analysis, etc were used.

Design Problem 💁

Small business owners are not aware of the benefits of email products and services offered by GoDaddy, and they are not able to utilize them effectively.

Process flow the project 1

My process started from understanding and exploring the right user base who will be benefitted by email products and services. My next steps were collaborate with product managers in order to gain more information about the problem at hand. Once the primary information was collected, I built and deployed usability tests using After analyzing the data collected through the tests, I prioritized the findings and usability issues. The wireframes and hi-fidelity mockups were built surrounding the priority issues.

  1. Understood user base by reviewing small business customer personas.

  2. Reviewed internal research on desktop and mobile usage.

  3. Crafted a usability test by collaborating with product managers, UX research team, and business analysts.

  4. Deployed usability test on

  5. Analyzed data collected through usability study.

  6. Summarized and prioritized the research findings.

  7. Consolidated research findings into mobile and desktop wireframes.

  8. Designed wireframes into hi-fidelity prototype.

Information about the project

Information about the Analysis

What was analyzed
↳ Video
↳ Verbal response
↳ Ratings
↳ Survey

Information collected
↳ Task completion
↳ Time on task
↳ Participant statements
↳ Findings

Analysis was based on
↳ Severity
↳ Frequency
↳ Impact of usability issues
↳ Success / Failure of the task

2. Domain Purchase Paths Project 💸

Purchasing a professional email is a huge part of the Domain Purchase Path. As shown in the figure below, GoDaddy provides user's an option to purchase professional email during their domain purchase.

Even thought this seems like an easy option to purchase professional email with the domain, very few users utilize this method during the purchase. The aim of this project was to find the difficulty that the user's face in this purchase method, and provide with different designs that would help increase professional email purchases through domain purchase path.

Design Problem 💁

Many users do not purchase professional email while purchasing a domain.

Professional email section on the Domain Purchase Path

Some ideas I delved into

Providing a one-click professional email plan instead of 3 options

Giving full information about the plans instead of a drop-down

Providing a one-click professional email plan instead of 3 options

This project is under a non-disclosure agreement.
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