Portfolio app for photographers

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Individual project

Sept - Oct 2017

UI/UX Designer

Needfinding, Interviews, Interaction flow, Wireframing, High Fidelity Mockups
Sketch App, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


After a brief chat with my photographer friend, I realized that there are very few applications that the photographers can use as a portfolio. The objective of the Photosnap project was to build a portfolio platform for photographers. The users will be able to upload their snaps, search for photos according to the categories. The app also allows photographers to mention technical details about each photo was taken. The application can be used in a dual way - as a portfolio and to bridge the gap between commercial users and photographers. Provides exposure to photographers.


The challenge in creating a uniform single platform which pertains to all kinds of parameters like type of photography, type of users - photographers and commercial users, etc. The application needs to bridge the gap between the photographers and the commercial user. The commercial user would be able to buy the photos directly from the photographer according to the decided price.


High Fidelity Prototype screens


The next step for this mobile application is to bridge the gap between the photographers and the industrial users. Bridging the gap would provide photographers to use their work in a commercial way at their own prices. This application can also be used as a hiring platform for photographers.