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Skills & Tools

Nov - Dec 2017

Graphic & Web Designer

Branding , Web designing , Graphic designing , Illustration, Interaction flow
Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustration , Brackets


Tobu is a cloud based recruitment product. The company demanded a fun and interactive web interface, to keep its user base engaged. Generally the applications available in the market are very cold and uninteresting. It was observed that such applications had a lesser chance of lead conversions. Hence an introduction of a mascot worked to keep the product interesting.


The challenge was to create a friendly mascot for a technical product. The tagline of the product itself says that the product is recuriter's best friend. The mascot was to be designed in such a way that it would help recruiters understand the basic functioning of the product, while keeping the product engaging. In an unconventional decision, a dog was chosen as the brand mascot.



Automatic Resume parsing
Once you upload resumes in any format, Tobu picks key details automatically. The image shows Tobu experimenting on the resumes that are going inside the product. The end result is a parsed resume.

Keep a backup of your resume database on the cloud. The image shows Tobu with the backed up resumes, sipping a drink on the cloud and relaxing. The user who lost his resumes is happy that the resumes are secure with Tobu.

Search though all the resumes on your local machines and emails in seconds. The image shows Tobu in a detective attire. He is searching for key phrases in all the resumes present in the system.

Share you resumes database with your team selectively and securely. The image shows Tobu(as a drink) being shared between two team mates. The feature allows teammates to work on a single project and be up to date with each others progress.