I am a UX Designer at GoDaddy, a service platform for entrepreneurs with 20 million customers worldwide. I work with the Professional Email (Microsoft O365) and Migration team.


July 2020 - Present


Researcher & UX Designer


Manager - Akshay Shriniwar
PM - Maya Bisineer, Amy Roblet
Designers - Dante Pauwels, Jerry Burton, Adrian Tufurin

Overview ๐Ÿ“‘

GoDaddy is one of the largest service platform for entrepreneurs around the globe with a user base of 20+ million customers. In July 2020 Iย joined GoDaddy as a UX Designer II in their Partner's team. Currently, I work on two main products on the team - Professional Email and Migration as a Service (MaaS).

Professional Email โœ‰๏ธ

As a part of Experimentation initiative of the team, I work on designing treatments that are used in the A/B testing. I have designed treatments for experiments like - One-click Purchase to increase the account conversion by simplifying purchase experience, Recommendation as a Data to increase email add-ons purchase, redesigning Upgrade plan page to help customers efficiently choose the right plan, etc.

Email & Office Dashboard

Migration as a Service ๐Ÿ“จ

Migration as a Service is a platform that is exclusively helps GoDaddy's Care guides migrate various email accounts like -- Workspace (GoDaddy's ingrown email), Third Party IMAP, GoDaddy cPanel, and G-Suite to Microsoft O365 account. The main aim of this project is to shift the MaaS from Workspace Provisioning to Amazon Web Services to increase its efficiency. While doing this shift the team also wants to redesign this tool to better suit care guide's existing requirements. I am currently working on exploring and understanding the existing system of MaaS, understanding user requirements by interviewing the Care guides and listening to their calls with the customers.

Migration as a Service

Website Security and Backups ๐Ÿ”’

Website security and backup is a GoDaddy team that exclusively works on providing SSL certificate, security and backup to website owners. Security is considered to be one of the major call driving factors at GoDaddy. Most of the customers who call need help understanding features like firewall, monitoring, SSL, etc. In order to recognize these pain points I was involved in a long term research project which delved into conducting end-to-end usability tests on GoDaddy's security products. I conducted qualitative research on the usability findings, and prioritized the issues on severity and frequency. These findings proved beneficial for the team as they could first-hand hear their customer's pain points and act on them effectively.

Website Security and Backup plans

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