About me

Contact me at : shriyah@umich.edu

I am Shriya, second-year Master's student at the University of Michigan studying Human-Computer Interaction (with a specialization in UX Research & Design). I am a UX Designer with a background in engineering and design. As a UX Designer I love building memorable experiences for users. I do this by using user-centred process to solve complex problems. Solving problems alone does not work without a aesthetically pleasing interface which is delightful to experience. I am emphathetic and I strive to build products which users enjoy. I want to provide design solutions by tackling the usability, technological as well as the business aspect of a design problem. Having worked in various roles from marketing, web design, graphic design, and UX, I have developed an interdisciplinary and a strong problem-solving skills set, allowing me to design solutions in a holistic way.

I was always interested in designing, which led me to seek out an internship as a Graphic & Web Designer at a startup. I got introduced to UX while seeking out creative fields in the computer engineering sector. I was thrilled when I started to understand the importance of UX in everyday interactions. This led me to shift my job role to a UX Designer position at ContentSphere Technologies.

Courses I've taken so far

Introduction to Interaction Design 🔗
Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation 🔗
Foundation of Human Behavior 🔗
Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundation 🔗
Entrepreneurship in Information Industry 🔗
Online Communities 🔗
Pervasive Interaction Design 🔗
Marketing Research and Analysis 🔗

On a loop

Here are some of the art forms I have dabbled in.